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Some of my photography. I believe that it's easy to take a pretty photo. It's much harder to communicate a story through a single image. 


From going behind the scenes at Priceless Experiences to shooting ads, my approach to working with MasterCard was to create images that were as genuine as possible. Capturing the moments between the moments, revealing the true personalities of the people and what it was like to be a participant.


Creating content libraries for social media is a "given" these days. What's truly critical however, is ensuring that all the details are right - from the product, to the talent to the environment. Consumers are keenly aware when something is "over-produced" so it's a balancing act to make images that accomplish what the brand needs while making sure not to alienate the intended audience.


While I was a Creative Director on Budweiser, we managed the Global Instagram handle. Sometimes that meant we needed to support global initiatives around the world. In this instance I went to Vietnam to shoot event coverage for a partnership with BoilerRoom. These photos became the template for how subsequent BoilerRoom events were shot for the rest of the relationship, ensuring that they maintained a consistent look. Even when there was only a freelance photographer at the event.


As a Creative Director sometimes the best way to help clients understand your ideas is to actually show it to them. That's how I ended up shooting several of Kodak's Times Square Billboards. They liked what I shot as demonstrations of the ideas so much that they simply ran with them. 

String Noise

For the last 10 or so years I've been friends with String Noise and have shot them on numerous occasions. Always appreciative and open to experimentation. Such fun - and good friends.